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  • 27 July 2020
Jay’s story – Counting it all Joy

Raised in a strict Muslim family, Jay’s dream was to preach Islam everywhere he went, that is until he met a Christian woman and found Jesus. Born in Malaysia, Jay was raised and educated in Islamic law. Many of his family were Muslim evangelists; his brother was an Imam at the local mosque and Jay […]

  • 27 July 2020
From our CEO: August 2020

Dear Friends, According to Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” This is how many of our persecuted brothers and sisters worship in nations hostile to the Gospel. They congregate in their homes, in small numbers, in secret. Often family members […]

  • 24 July 2020
SUDAN: Apostasy Laws Abolished

After more than 30 years of Islamist rule, Sudan has passed a series of legal reforms. Two major changes involved the abolishment of public flogging and the repeal of apostasy laws for those leaving Islam. Other regulations relate to the consumption of alcohol, female mutilation, and the opportunity for women to travel with their children […]

  • 24 July 2020
ETHIOPIA: Slaughter in Oromia

The assassination in Addis Ababa of a popular ethnic Oromo singer has triggered an explosion of ethnic-religious violence. The violence appears organised, designed to destabilise the nation and derail the reforms of Prime Minister Abiy (a Protestant Christian). Commencing at 4am on 30 June, gangs of Oromo nationalists specifically targeted ethnic Amhara Ethiopian Orthodox Christians […]

  • 24 July 2020
TURKEY: Deportation of Pastor’s Wife, A Mother-Of-Three

An American mother-of-three has been told she has to leave Turkey, one of the latest incidents in a series of expulsions of Christian expatriates from the country. There are reports stating how 35 Protestant Christian workers were refused entry to Turkey last year. Joy Subasigüller, originally from Florida, USA, and her Turkish husband Lütfü Subasigüller […]

  • 24 July 2020
GUINEA: Christian Woman Faces Difficulties After Husband’s Death

Miraha, a Christian woman in Guinea, has faced ongoing difficulties since her husband’s death. Her Muslim in-laws tried to persuade her to marry her husband’s brother and convert to Islam, but she refused to abandon her faith in Christ. Then they wanted to circumcise her 11- and 14-year-old daughters. When Miraha again refused, the family […]