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Parallel Paths to Christ

Asim and Zarah followed separate paths to faith in Christ, but when their paths converged in Cairo, Egypt, they became one in service to the Lord. The science lectures Asim was hearing at university didn’t seem to agree with his family’s Muslim faith. Doubtful and

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Radical Muslim Won by the Love of Christ

Walid hated his Christian co-worker so much that he planned to kill him. But a bold act of love set him on a new course — directly to Christ. Listening to his co-worker Haytham sing Christian worship songs for several days while painting a house

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Once Abused now Embraced

Duhra was born into unhappiness. Abandoned by her father at birth, and resented by her mother, Duhra was left with her devout Muslim grandmother while her mother went overseas to work. Feeling abandoned by her parents, Duhra prayed to Allah for help: “I need a

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Conversations with God

“Being a Christian in Egypt today, is knowing how to endure many hardships because we are part of the minority, and the predominant Muslim culture is intolerant of those who do not follow the Muslim way.” ─ a Muslim background believer in Cairo. Even the

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