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NIGERIA: Pray for Villagers Who Survived a Fulani Attack

A group of Fulani men attacked a village recently in Kaduna, Nigeria, killing four people and injuring two adults and a young child. On 12 March at about 7:30 pm, the Fulani men entered a small village in Kagoro and fired indiscriminately at a woman

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NORTH KOREA: Balloon Launch

VOM Australia helped fund a project to launch 36,000 North Korean dialect Bibles which included direct text and study notes from 50 different Bible stories. These high altitude balloons are sent from South Korea into North Korea. In North Korea, if you are caught with

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NEPAL: Bible Distribution

In a dry riverbed about 600-700 people walked for more than 6 hours to receive a Bible. Nothing else was promised them – just a Bible. On receiving their Bible some cried, some kissed the pages – everyone prayed, giving thanks for God’s gift to

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PHILIPPINES: Anchor Bay Bible College

Students celebrating the goodness of God, giving thanks for the financial support received from Australian Christians to support the students and upgrade the Bible School.  

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CHINA: “We All Know”

Come with us on a visit to China and join in a conversation with one of VOM’s Bible smuggling partners. He is working alongside others to deliver Bibles into every province of China, but that work comes with great risk. All the workers know they

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Tibet: I’m With You Always

“Sister Amber” shares how Christ was with her even as she was being tortured and abused in Tibet. Your faith will be challenged as you hear Amber’s thoughts on what the New Testament calls the “honor” of being persecuted. To listen to the full interview

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LAOS: Jesus Paid The Price

How do you train someone to face persecution? In this interview you’ll hear how one Bible teacher points his listeners to Jesus’ example. “Jesus persevered. Jesus paid the price. Why not us?” he says. Listen to the full interview on VOM Radio here

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Laos: I’m Willing to Die

Her husband was the village police chief, the man responsible to make sure no more people in the village became Christians. And now she had chosen to follow Christ! Her husband pressured her to renounce her faith; then he beat her. Then he threatened her

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Eritrea: How do we understand the Cross?

Dr Berhane spent 11 months in prison for his Christian work. In this interview excerpt, he describes how he prepared himself for suffering and how it enabled him to understand the cross. Listen to the full interview on VOM Radio here

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Eritrea: Peace in Prison

Dr Berhane spent 11 months in prison for his Christian work. Surrounded by hatred and watching as friends and fellow prisoners were led away to execution, Dr Berhane shares how he was still able to see God’s hand at work in this interview excerpt. Listen

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Weng Walking

Weng Tshua was three weeks old when Fulani Muslims attacked his village in 2010. All nine members of his family including his parents, were killed. He was rescued from his burning house, but not before the fire had consumed his feet. The VOM prosthetics team

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Middle East: We have to be His Witnesses

‘Sam’ reaches out to refugees displaced by ISIS from Iraq and Syria. By helping with practical needs – shelter, education, medical aid – Sam and other Christians have the opportunity to share the Gospel and introduce Muslim refugees to Jesus Christ. Such work comes with

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North Korea: The Triumphant Church

Many describe North Korea as “the worst place in the world to be a Christian.” But Eric Foley, the leader of VOM Korea, tells us that North Korean Christians don’t say that! Instead they focus on serving Jesus Christ in spite of watchful government eyes

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Ethiopia: Nothing’s Going to Stop Them

In the past 30 years, evangelical Christians in Ethiopia have grown from 1% of the population to more than 20%. Allan Sherer, the Horn of Africa Director for Front Line Mission, calls that church growth “one of the great Gospel stories of our generation.” That

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Revenge is in Mercy

Semse Aydin’s husband, Necati, was one of three Christian men martyred for their faith and ministry in Turkey. The next day, on national TV in Turkey, Semse offered forgiveness to her husband’s killers, along with the widow of one of the other martyrs. Listen as

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North Korea: In the Lord’s Hands

Australian Christian John Short was detained in North Korea in 2014 after leaving Gospel tracts outside a Buddhist temple. Here, John’s wife Karen shares about how God ministered to her, how she and John stayed connected through Scripture even though they couldn’t talk to each

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North Korea: Faith or Fear?

Australian John Short was detained inside North Korea after leaving gospel tracts near a Buddhist temple. He was facing years in prison–but he wasn’t afraid. “Fear and faith cannot exist within my heart at the same time,” he says. Listen to the full interview on

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Arrested in North Korea

Australian John Short was taken prisoner in North Korea. He was repeatedly interrogated. He was forced to write a ‘confession’ of his ‘crimes,’ including the offense of wanting more North Koreans to follow Jesus. Yet he would happily go back. John Short shares how God

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Sri Lanka: Part of God’s Plan

How can God allow suffering and persecution? What is His plan? In this interview excerpt, Rev Godfrey Yogarajah of Sri Lanka explains how the church can be prepared for persecution by understanding God’s plan and his ultimate triumph. Listen to the full interview on VOM

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