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Sri Lanka: You Need the Power of God

Those who come to Christ in Sri Lanka face challenges and trials from Buddhist or Hindu family members or village leaders. Sometimes the challenges are extreme: church buildings torn down, Christians beaten and even martyred for their faith. Yet God is at work: even with

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Instant Church, Instant Persecution

When Verne and Denny Johnson, missionaries in Ivory Coast, finished explaining the Gospel, they were amazed at the results. Hear them tell the story in this interview excerpt. Listen to the full interview on VOM Radio here 

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Elijah, a Student Pastor’s Escape.

  ‘Elijah’ (not his real name), a graduate student from a Bible college in the Philippines, recounts a recent time when, as a student pastor, he helped his village escape from Islamic extremists. Elijah is about twenty years old and his work is vital for

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Burma Bible College

For a number of years Voice of the Martrys and the Youth division 13:3 have been supporting a Bible College in Myanmar. Students have been sponsored by VOM Australia for the 3 year Bachelor of Theology degree and many have opted to continue to stay

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What is God Worth?

Jesus told his disciples to “Go into all the world.” He didn’t say it would be easy. Verne and Denny Johnson have experienced the joy of seeing people come to Christ while serving as missionaries in Ivory Coast. But they’ve also experienced dark days. They

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Central Asia: Zero Percent Chance

Caught between an Islamic culture and the remnants of 70 years of communism, many people in Central Asia have a 0% probability of ever hearing about Jesus. Listen to this interview clip as ‘Harold’ gives moving examples from his ministry in the region and our

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What About the Terrorists?

Refugees, immigrants and fears of terrorism are big topics. In this interview excerpt, ‘Harold’ who has served among Muslims in Central Asia for over a decade, shares his thoughts on this issue and how Christians can minister to Muslims right where they live. Listen to

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Iran: The Honour of Being Tortured

Arrested and tortured, the young church pastor wanted to talk to his leader. What would he say? Where was God in his suffering? Pastor Hormoz describes the surprising words of this young man. Listen to the full interview here.

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When an Islamic State fighter wants to talk

What would you do if an Islamic State fighter wanted to meet up with you? You’d probably have lots of questions. Is his spiritual hunger real, or is it a trap? Hear what happened when a Christian worker was introduced to an Islamic State fighter,

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Tearing down walls in North Africa (excerpt)

‘Jay’ has served for more than a decade among Muslims in North Africa, sharing the love of Christ and discipling believers to become strong in their faith and share Jesus’ love with their countrymen. Here, he describes how God is tearing down walls to allow

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Heaven is Rejoicing

When a fully veiled woman came to his church and asked to be baptised, this Iraqi pastor wasn’t sure how to respond. But the woman had been reading and memorising the New Testament, and her faith in Christ was genuine. Listen to the account of

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Christmas for Persecuted Christians

Secret celebrations and the threat of attack: this is Christmas for many believers of the persecuted church. VOM Australia’s General Manager, Tom Carr, speaks on Vision Radio about Christmas in restricted nations, with how we can help and remember them. Listen to the full radio

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Telling Them About Hope

In the face of horrific stories, sometimes all we can do is pray. But listen to this pastor in Iraq as he tells how important prayer is for those who have suffered worst. Listen to this short excerpt. Listen to the full interview on VOM

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Meet Betty

Meet Betty. Betty is 24 and studies at our Bible college in Indonesia. Betty is passionate about kids’ ministry and wants to do further study in child psychology. “I hope after I graduate from college I can dedicate my life to Christ, and become His servant, who’s

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Meet Max

Maxensius is 24 and studies at our Bible college in Indonesia. He loves playing soccer and his favourite team is Barcelona. In the video above, Max speaks about the troubles he faces as he witnesses to street kids, but how he has been able to overcome

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Meet Anti

Anti is 20 years old. When Anti was 7 years old, her village was attacked by Muslim extremists and she had to hide with her family in the jungle. Now she is passionate about Jesus and studying at Bible college. She said, “When I first arrived,

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North Korea: Bible Balloon Drop

Voice of the Martyrs partners with Seoul USA to launch hydrogen-filled balloons carrying New Testaments and Gospel tracts into North Korea. The southern third of the country is the most populous and prosperous area, yet is also the hardest in which to carry out covert

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Nigeria: Left for Dead

Shot in the face and left for dead for refusing to deny Christ, Habila has made an incredible recovery. His love for his attackers is no less extraordinary. ‘My prayer is that they will know the truth and be saved,’ he says. ‘I love them.’

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Gracia Burnham Testimony

Gracia was held hostage by Muslim militants in the Philippines. Listen as she describes some of what she experienced.   Listen to Gracia’s full speech, given in the USA.

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