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  • 14 October 2020
KAZAKHSTAN: Appeal Fails to Halt Seizures

On 17 September, a court in the city of Almaty upheld an earlier decision to seize two buildings owned by the New Life Protestant Church. The facilities were being used for worship, as well as a means of support for those suffering from drug and alcohol dependency. The seizure follows the arrests and convictions of […]

  • 14 October 2020
PAKISTAN: Court Acquits Christian Sentenced to Death in Blasphemy Case

A Christian man sentenced to death, has been acquitted by a Pakistani court, six years after he was charged with blaspheming the Islamic prophet Mohammad. Last Tuesday, the Lahore High Court acquitted Sawan Masih, a street sweeper from the eastern city of Lahore who was sentenced to death in March 2014 under Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy […]

  • 07 October 2020
LAOS: Villagers Threaten to Kill Christians`

A community in Laos blatantly told the four Christian families living among them that the only way to get rid of Christians is to kill them. In an effort to persuade the Christians to leave, villagers have illegally logged all the trees on the property of one of the Christians. When the village faced drought […]

  • 07 October 2020
UGANDA: Christian Boy Feared Killed in Ritual Sacrifice

Sulaiman, a former Imam in eastern Uganda, became a Christian in 2017 and led his two young children to Christ. In July 2018, Sulaiman’s son, then aged 11, and daughter, then aged 13, disappeared from their home. On 16 September, police rescued Sulaiman’s daughter from a well-known witch doctor named Isifu Abdullah, known for human […]

  • 07 October 2020
NIGERIA: Middle Belt Christians Endure Perpetual Violence

Radical Fulani militants have killed multiple Christians in Nigeria’s Plateau and Kaduna states. Among the victims was a six-year-old Christian boy. On 23 September, over 100 Fulani militants attacked Christian villagers in their fields in Jol village, severely injuring nine men with machetes. A few hours later, a mother and her son suffered fatal injuries […]

  • 07 October 2020
IRAN: Prisoner update

Iranian Christians are thankful that a new charge against convert Ebrahim Firouzi has been rejected through lack of evidence and the case closed. In 2013, Ebrahim was arrested and sentenced to one year in prison and two years of internal exile  for “propaganda against the regime by establishing and organising Christian gatherings” and “having contacts […]