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PROJECT: Connecting with the NK Underground Church

In 2018 Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) Australia is helping to fund projects initiated by Voice of the Martyrs Korea to connect with the North Korean underground church. In February workers from VOM visited a top-secret refugee resettlement centre which all North Korean defectors must

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Project Update: 2017 Christmas Care Distribution

Christmas Care packs were distributed in the north-east section of Mindanao. Below is a summary sent from our Voice of the Martyrs contact, who co-ordinates distribution in the Philippines. The place is infiltrated with communists. Church members are frequently threatened by them as they attempt

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PROJECT: Educational Scholarships

In 2018 Voice of the Martyrs Australia is helping to fund educational scholarships for 35 children of poor pastors in Vietnam. These funds have been received with extreme gratitude. Some of the pastors have been held in prison for their faith in Christ. Below is

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THANK YOU: Christmas Care 2017

With our Christmas Care 2017 Appeal, we asked you to consider partnering with us by bringing a special gift to children living in eight countries where Christianity is rejected and where Christians are persecuted. Through Christmas Care, we have invested into the future hopes and

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The Risk of Embracing God’s Word

It is unimaginable for us to think we could be arrested, tortured and abused for carrying a bible. Sadly for millions of Christians living in countries that are hostile to Christianity, this is their daily reality. And yet, it is in these very countries where

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Proposed Projects

This year VOM Australia is planning on working in over 28 countries with a variety of projects which will impact the persecuted church because of your generosity in partnering with us in this vital ministry. To give you a small glimpse into some of the

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Project Report Summary

In reviewing the projects we managed in 2017, we were able to reach 18 countries throughout the world because of your faithful giving. Your partnership with us has impacted many lives and has made a considerable difference. Because of the support received for a wide

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The Secret Butterflies

Just over six years ago, we began funding a unique women’s ministry which we called the Butterfly program in Vietnam and the results of this ministry have been overwhelming! This year in more than 1000 churches throughout northern Vietnam, over 60,000 women have been reached

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Making the Difference in 2018

As we reflect on the past year, let us remember God’s hand in the work we do in supporting the persecuted church with your unfailing support. While it is easy to just dismiss last year, we need to remember the victories we have had by

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Smuggling Bibles, One at a Time

At a recent gathering outside the country, hundreds of house church leaders from throughout China received training and encouragement to help them minister more effectively. Before leaving the conference, they were all given something illegal to take home. The pastors had requested tools to help

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Bombings in Tanta and Alexandria

Palm Sunday is one of the holiest days of the Christian calendar, as it marks the day Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem. Today, our focus is not on Jerusalem, but on two Egyptian cities that were targeted by ISIS on 9 April. In Tanta, a

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Light and Hope this Christmas

As the year draws to a close, December is usually the time we reflect on the things we accomplished throughout the year. However, whatever was achieved was only made possible because you partnered with us and gave so generously. On reviewing the work, we have

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Desperate for Water

In the state of Odisha, India, water is becoming scarce. Water scarcity in India is usually attributed to natural causes, but for people living in Odisha, the lack of water is due to a human factor, and those affected the most are Christians. Due to

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2017 Projects

A selection of projects undertaken in 2017! The projects reported in this blog have been carefully selected as to not breach any security protocols which would alarm our national contacts and cause possible risk to them. However, we believe it is important to give you

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Bibles Plus – Thank you!

This year’s annual campaign for Bibles Plus has been a success and on behalf of the recipients we want to send you a big thank you! Plans are well under way for the distribution of Bibles Plus packs for this year and they will go

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Christian Villagers who Begged for Water

Persecuted Christians living in the district of Kandhamal, Odisha face the daily problem of not having access to clean water for drinking and cooking. Often, they must walk several kilometres a day and stand in line at small wells in Hindu villages. Because the local

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PHILIPPINES: Anchor Bay Bible College

Students celebrating the goodness of God, giving thanks for the financial support received from Australian Christians to support the students and upgrade the Bible School.  

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Bibles Plus 2016 Report

Please pray … and send us Bibles!” In restricted nations all over the world, this is the request of persecuted Christians. In 2016 you helped to provide the Bibles they so desperately need. Philippines Throughout 2016 there was a lot of activity distributing Bibles Plus

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Evangelism and New Believers

“Why should I choose Jesus instead of my Hindu gods?” the young man asked. Our team of evangelists were excited for the opportunity to answer his question. After explaining the Gospel to the young man, he became troubled when he understood that all his Hindu

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