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Nigerian Children Celebrate an Early Christmas

Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, all a 6-year-old Nigerian girl could do after entering a room filled with Christmas Care packs was to pray. Even before she received her own gift pack, the girl, nearly in tears, couldn’t help but pray in her Hausa language.

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2014: Impact of Your Giving

Each year when we choose projects for the field, it is like carefully selecting the right building blocks to create viable projects that fulfil the purposes of Voice of the Martyrs. With prayerful, strategic planning and through the knowledge provided by our contacts in the

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The Impact of Bibles Plus in 2014

Thanks to the generous response of our supporters, over 4707 Christian families struggling with spiritual and physical hunger were blessed through Bibles Plus in 2014! We were able to distribute these Bible Plus packs in China, Nepal, India and Central Asia, much to the delight

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2015 Bibles Plus

Pastor David worked with VOM to distribute Bibles Plus packs in the Philippines. Here, he shares the impact of the packs.   In our March newsletter you will read about the need for Bibles. Regardless of agreements or laws, our ministry remains committed to doing

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