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Five Years in Prison for Name Change

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? That someone could be charged and sent to prison for changing their name. But it’s true. You might be thinking, but what about U2’s lead guitarist who named his daughter Blue Angel? Or Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter Apple? These

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Remember our Mothers

  Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It is a lovely opportunity for us to remember the great things our mothers do for us and to thank God for them. As we remember our mothers on 8 May, let me encourage you to remember and pray

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Five ways to support the persecuted church at youth

  Last month I posted three reasons why the persecuted church is important for your youth group. In today’s post I’m going to give you five practical ways to incorporate the persecuted church into your youth group. Click on one of these links to find

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What do Boko Haram and Islamic State have in common?

    Bank building destroyed by Boko Haram in Adamawa State, Nigeria. Destruction and total annihilation is what Boko Haram and Islamic State (IS) have in common. The picture shown above is sadly a telling sign in Nigeria that Boko Haram have arrived, killing and

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Elijah, a Student Pastor’s Escape.

  ‘Elijah’ (not his real name), a graduate student from a Bible college in the Philippines, recounts a recent time when, as a student pastor, he helped his village escape from Islamic extremists. Elijah is about twenty years old and his work is vital for

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    In 2016 it is our vision to see many young people demonstrate their willingness to raise awareness and support for our persecuted brothers and sisters. On 3 June 2016 it’s Sacrifice24: A day to make a statement that you are Bound With Them

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Why Talk About the Persecuted Church at Youth Group?

Thirteen Three’s aim is to mobilise and empower a generation of passionate youth to be bound with their persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. For this to become a reality it is vital for youth groups to keep the persecuted church on their agenda. I

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Releasing the Gospel into North Korea Part 3

Today we end our series “Releasing the Gospel into North Korea” by looking at our third approach, short wave radio broadcasting. It is hard to imagine but North Korean people are living in a fake reality: they are told things that are simply untrue. For

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Releasing the Gospel into North Korea Part 2

During the month of February, I’ve been sharing the various creative ways Voice of the Martyrs has been releasing the Gospel into North Korea. Last week I shared about our balloon project; this week I want to share how we are getting Scriptures into North

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Releasing the Gospel into North Korea Part 1

Imagine growing up being told that you live in the wealthiest country in the world, when in actual fact you are living in the most oppressive one. This is what it means to live in North Korea. Everything is controlled. Everything you do is watched.

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Thirteen Three in 2016

Thirteen Three is off to a big start and we hope you can partner with us in supporting persecuted Christians and mobilising young Australians to be Bound With Them! Listed below are the Thirteen Three initiatives we are organising this year. Please contact us if

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Soldiers of Jesus Christ in Burma

The Burmese government continues to neglect its people, particularly minor ethnic groups and Christians. In recent years there have been more than 3,000 Christian villages destroyed and burned (source: Impact Report). Yet, despite the oppression in this country, there is hope and freedom being declared

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Victory for Indonesian Bible College Students

Imagine going to Bible college. It’s the opportunity to dedicate yourself to studying and training in God’s Word and to prepare for a lifetime of ministry. Now imagine going to Bible college in the world’s most populous Muslim nation; a Bible college that has faced

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Youth: Month of Prayer for Persecuted Christians

The 8 November 2015 is the International Day of Prayer For The Persecuted Church. Christians around the world will be praying for persecuted Christians. But don’t stop at just one day! Encourage your youth group to devote the entire month of November to praying and

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Victory: Blue Mountains Event

Thirteen Three’s latest Victory event was held on Friday 4 September, hosted by Springwood and Winmalee Anglican Churches. The night saw 250 youth come together and raise $2000 to support persecuted Christians in Indonesia. Dave McPhail, the host church’s youth pastor, preached from 1 Corinthians

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Meet Betty

Meet Betty. Betty is 24 and studies at our Bible college in Indonesia. Betty is passionate about kids’ ministry and wants to do further study in child psychology. “I hope after I graduate from college I can dedicate my life to Christ, and become His servant, who’s

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Representatives from North and South Korea recently held discussions in the demilitarised zone between the two countries.

NORTH KOREA: Gospel Outreach Continues

A landmine on the border of South Korea badly injured two soldiers earlier this month, sparking a series of broadcasts including news, weather reports and pop music into North Korea in an apparent retaliation. (Source: BBC News) There has been great tension between North and

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Meet Max

Maxensius is 24 and studies at our Bible college in Indonesia. He loves playing soccer and his favourite team is Barcelona. In the video above, Max speaks about the troubles he faces as he witnesses to street kids, but how he has been able to overcome

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Meet Anti

Anti is 20 years old. When Anti was 7 years old, her village was attacked by Muslim extremists and she had to hide with her family in the jungle. Now she is passionate about Jesus and studying at Bible college. She said, “When I first arrived,

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Meet Anti, Max and Betty

Each one of these students is sponsored by Thirteen Three to study theology in Indonesia, the most Muslim-populated country in the world. Students attending Bible college in restricted nations risk their lives, and they know it. They can face isolation from family and friends, physical

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