PAKISTAN: Death Threats Against Teenager
  • 09 November 2017

Five Christian families in rural Pakistan have gone into hiding after death threats were made against an 18-year-old because of his alleged blasphemy against Islam. Sonu Arshad, who lives in the remote village of Sukheki, 200km north of Lahore, belongs to one of the families ─ the only Christians in the village. The families fled […]

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PAKISTAN: Claims that Police are Ignoring Bullying
  • 08 November 2017

The father of Sharoon Masih, a 17-year-old Christian student that was murdered by a Muslim classmate in August, claims that police are ignoring the anti-Christian bullying taking place at Sharoon’s school. Following the murder, police claim they interviewed other Christian students at MC Model Boys Government School, but found no reports of anti-Christian bullying. Sharoon’s […]

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PAKISTAN: Police Fail to Protect Christian Girl
  • 03 November 2017

Pakistani authorities have been accused of failing to protect a 17-year-old Christian girl who for years has been sexually harassed and stalked by a Muslim man who threatened to throw acid on her. The British Pakistani Christian Association said Tuesday that the girl, Samina Iqbal from the town of Rawalpindi, has been heckled since 2013 by […]

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INDONESIA: Extreme Sacrifice
  • 31 October 2017

They huddled inside the room while hearing the screams of fellow Christians being butchered outside. Pastor Hendrick Pattiwael and his wife were helping to lead the Indonesian youth camp, and they felt responsible for the young people in their care. The camp had been a joyous time of spiritual growth and worship. Then they were […]

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NIGER: Pastor’s Daughter Kidnapped
  • 19 October 2017

The teenage daughter of a pastor was kidnapped on 16 October in Diffa, south-eastern Niger, in what appears to be the first targeted kidnapping of a Christian by Boko Haram-affiliated militants in the West African nation. Aphodiya Garba Maida, 17, daughter of a pastor with the EERN (Église Évangélique de la République du Niger), was […]

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UGANDA: 20-year-old Christian Beaten by his Father
  • 17 October 2017

The young man did not answer after his father asked him if he had ditched Islam to become a Christian. Magale (also called Mabala) Hamidu, 20, of Nanoko village in eastern Uganda, had become a Christian seven months before. He had been failing to attend mosque prayers, and his father had learned that twice a […]

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