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ROME: Extreme Saint St Nicholas

“Don’t do it,” Nicholas yelled as he saw the executioner lift his sword to kill another prisoner. “He’s done nothing to deserve this.” The man was about to be executed for his faith in Jesus Christ. Nicholas bravely grabbed the executioner’s sword before it penetrated

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ROMANIA: Extreme Young Missionaries

Though the Soviet invaders were terrorizing their country, the Romanian children walked steadily towards the Russian soldiers with warm, confident smiles on their faces. The soldiers greeted them kindly, patting them on the head. Each soldier was thinking of his own children, whom they had

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SUDAN: Extreme School Children

Seated on logs under the shade of a tree, the 230 Christian students were just beginning their English lesson when they heard the terrifying sounds overhead. A plane roared across the sky above the school yard. Within minutes, the Islamic army had dropped five bombs

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It is scary, but I know Jesus is with me

Joshua is a Bible college student in the Philippines, where Muslim extremist groups are trying to take over the land owned by Christians and claim it to be an Islamic state. Watch as Joshua describes what it is like to live in this dangerous area

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Christians Facing Islamic Extremists: ISIS

Region: Iraq, Syria “Convert, pay a tax, leave or die.” The self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) became infamous when it invaded the city of Mosul, Iraq, in June 2014. Mosul, which is the ancient biblical city of Nineveh, has been home to Christians for almost 2,000

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Prayer: The Life Blood of Persecuted Christians

In the hours leading up to Jesus’ arrest, He went to Gethsemane with His disciples, feeling “overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death” (Matthew 26:38). Jesus, knowing what was about to come upon him, turned to prayer. Prayer was his connection with the Father,

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The Song of a Martyr

In Nigeria, Pastor Selchun’s right hand was brutally cut off by Muslim extremists. Lying dead around him were other pastors and friends: 300 in total. When Pastor Selchun’s hand fell to the ground he lifted the other and sang boldly: “He is Lord, He is

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Christians Facing Islamic Extremists: Muslim Brotherhood

Continuing our monthly series on Christians facing Islamic extremists , our next focus is the Muslim Brotherhood. Region: Egypt “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest

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Release Competition Announcement

Thirteen Three has decided to close the Release Video Competition. This decision is based upon the lack of interest and entries in the competition. The $500 prize pool will be put to good use to sponsor Bible college students in restricted countries. We are pleased

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Houses, Churches Destroyed by Muslim Protestors

On 17 June, homes and property belonging to the Coptic community of Qarayat al Bayda, near Alexandria, Egypt was attacked by angry crowds. Naeem Aziz, whose house was destroyed, was building the house for his son. However, it was believed that it was going to

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Kill Me If You Wish

It was autumn 1931 in the dangerous northern districts of North Jiangsu, China. American missionary Reverend John W Vinson, known as Uncle Jack, had just undergone an operation. His desire was to go back and continue witnessing to the Chinese. Despite his friends insisting that

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Christians Facing Islamic Extremists: Al-Qaida

Region: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and others. This week, as we continue our series on Christians facing Islamic extremists, we turn our focus to al-Qaida. Click here to read other blogs in this series. Jesus said in Matthew 5:10, “Blessed are those who are

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How to make the best short film

The Thirteen Three’s Release Competition closing date is 31 October and it’s fast approaching. There is $250 to be won for your Youth Group! Are you excited? Or are you procrastinating to get on with the project? Not sure where to start? Worried that you

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1,800 Bibles Land in North Korea

It is with great excitement that we announce that over 1,800 Bibles have landed securely in North Korea in recent months. From the beginning of May, the weather has been favourable for balloon launches. Each weather balloon contains 25 Bibles and three USB drives. For

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Meet the next generation: Elizabeth

Burma (Myanmar) is ranked at number 23 according to the World Watch Monitor’s list of the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted.  It is recognised as having very high levels of persecution. The Burmese government claims to support freedom of religion, but it has since

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What happened to WeAreN?

In 2014 in Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, Iraqi Christians are fleeing their homes after Islamist militants threatened to kill them unless they converted to Islam or paid a “protection tax”. Their houses were marked with the Arabic letter N, which stands for the word

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“Release Competition – Meet Your Judge: Matt”

Have you entered our Release Video Competition yet? Now is the time to submit your entry where your Youth Group has the chance of winning $250! It’s easy to enter just click here  for all the information for this great Video Competition where your Youth

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Who Do You Sing For?

Throughout history it has been known that many cultures love to sing. Their songs have been written for different purposes: Foremost, they love to sing their national anthem with pride but there are other songs that make a statement or express an emotion while there

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Confidence in the Face of Opposition

Recently, 300 youth from churches across the Blue Mountains gathered at Springwood Anglican Church for a Thirteen Three Release event. Dave McPhail, the Youth Pastor, gave a great message which raised the question: As Christians, how can we have confidence in the face of opposition?

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Do you Dare to Take the Challenge?

North Korea is run by a dictatorship founded by Kim Il Sung. Their philosophy is a distortion of Christianity. Therefore it is vital that we get Bibles and Christian literature into this country to reveal who the true God is and to encourage the Christians

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