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Ipolite Kimono attended a VOM-sponsored training in 2021 to learn strategies for helping those who have experienced trauma.

Rebels attacked Ipolite’s church in 2014 and assassinated his wife, two children, and brother along with many others. Ipolite escaped through a window, and he has spent the last several years struggling with the grief of his loss. “My heart was broken,” he said. “I constantly think about the situation, and the visions come back into my mind, and I relive that awful moment.”

However, through the training, Ipolite himself has found healing as he has learned how to minister to others who have experienced trauma. “I have been able to forgive those perpetrators totally since the training,” he said.

“I now help other people in the church who have been traumatised.”

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Let us pray.

  • Pray for Ipolite as he ministers to the broken and hurting. Ask the Lord to use Him as a great source of encouragement and a witness to God’s goodness
  • Praise God that this training has made a considerable difference to the life of Ipolite. Pray it will be similarly used by God to help many more believers who have suffered.
  • Pray Ipolite will continue to experience healing from God as he comforts others.