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Traditional Islam is on the rise in Central Asia and several Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan) invest huge amounts of money in sending missionaries into countries in Central Asia. Their effectiveness is high and even Russians are being converted to Islam. With the steady increase in registered mosques being reported, not to mention the unregistered ones, the government is becoming increasingly concerned with the tensions caused by the Muslims. Their reaction is to consider expanding their oppressive religious laws.

Even among traditional orthodox Russian churches, some have embraced Muslim beliefs and have converted. As a result, local evangelicals, as they try to retain and share their Christian faith with others, are now regarded by the government as a dangerous sect. Central Asia certainly needs our prayer support.

To own your own Bible in Central Asia can be a luxury!This statement was told to us by our national contact in Central Asia, who said that many believers today do not have their own Bible simply because they cannot afford one. He said that many families live on $25 per week and find it difficult to buy healthy food because it is expensive. Food like fruit, meat and their favourite traditional sausage, which has always been part of the staple diet, can only be purchased once a month.

To receive a Bibles Plus gift worth $25 will not only give them a Bible but also a small Life Pack that will sustain them for approximately two weeks with food that will supplement their normal weekly purchase of food.

For security reasons we are unable to name the countries in Central Asia that will receive our Bibles Plus program, but our research with our local contacts has informed us that they are very excited to be participating in this program. They have asked the Australian churches to pray for a safe distribution, and that those who receive the Bibles Plus packs will feel a real touch from the Lord and be reassured of the Father’s love and care for them. They are extremely grateful for this program.

Here are the contents of the Bibles Plus Life Pack for Central Asia: Bible, rice, oil, sugar, buck wheat, beans, peas, flour, noodles, tea, cookies, candy and soap. All of this costing only $25!

Today in Central Asia there are severe religious restrictions that can lead to persecution of believers by the authorities. Bibles are in short supply, especially within the many different dialects. Please join with us in prayer that we can provide a good supply for our brothers and sisters in Central Asia and that they will be greatly encouraged with our support.