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A Christian woman was dismissed from her job teaching Russian at a national university after school officials learned of her faith.

Vera, a single mother who is raising her children without family support, had hoped that her part-time job teaching Russian would eventually develop into a full-time position. She was a good teacher, and her students liked her. But after fewer than six months on the job, she was told that the university could not allow a church member in her position, especially since she was teaching many foreign students from surrounding countries.

Vera was told to either give up her church membership or resign, so she chose to leave her job.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for Vera’s faithful testimony. Pray it may be used by God to bring spiritual blessing to Vera, her family and other believers.
  • Pray that she will find another job so she can continue supporting her family.
  • Pray that in the meantime, she will receive much comfort, care, support and encouragement from other local believers.

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