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On 14 October police closed a church which had been established for decades in southern China, Guangzhou. Its founder, Samuel Lamb, was imprisoned for over 20 years for his faith.

Chinese Protestant pastor, Samuel Lamb, initially set up the church in his house in Da Ma Zhan in 1950. He was imprisoned for more than 20 years (1955–57; 1958–78) and re-opened the Da Ma Zhan Gospel church the year after his release.

The number of members of the church grew to thousands. However, the authorities constantly harassed Pastor Lamb to join the government-controlled Three-Self Church. While he continued to fend off their threats and warnings, he had to relocate when the church was closed in 2000 because of a road expansion. The new address was Ronggui Lane.

The Lord called his loyal servant home on 3 August 2013, when the pastor was 88 years old and the church continued.

Pastor Lamb had negotiated an agreement with the Ministry of Local Religious Affairs and the United Front Work Department that allowed his church to operate. Despite this, police closed the Ronggui Lane Church on 14 October, after 18 years of operation. Gatherings were cancelled, and authorities parked several police cars near the entrance.

Pastor Lamb often used to share about how the congregation had been growing despite persecution. “Before I was arrested, there were only 200 members in my congregation,” he told Voice of the Martyrs. “When I was released from prison the first time, I saw that the congregation had grown to 900 members. Then, after books and equipment were confiscated, the congregation grew to over 2000 members.”

Across the Guangdong Province, two other house churches were shut down in the past few months. One was the House of David church in Chang’an town of Dongguan city, and the other was a congregation site affiliated with the Guangzhou Guangfu Church.

Source: China Aid, Voice of the Martyrs

  • Pray that the Christians affected by church closures will remain faithful and encourage one another.
  • Pray that the work Pastor Samuel started will continue to flourish and reach the unsaved.
  • Pray for the authorities in China, that Christ will reveal Himself to those who seek to control the church.