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In January 2014 the Chinese Communist Party secretary decided to “de-Christianise” the skyline by removing many crosses and churches under the guise of safety and beautification, in the southern coastal province Zhejiang, Xia Baolong.

To date, between 1200 and 1500 churches have been impacted, several pastors had been arrested and numerous believers had been wounded in scuffles with police.

In July 2015, prominent Beijing-based Christian lawyer Zhang Kai (37) announced the formation of a group of some 30 Christian lawyers who would defend churches under attack in the southern coastal province of Zhejiang. He called the group ‘Lawyers for Protection of the Cross.’

On Tuesday 25 August Chinese security forces conducted simultaneous night raids in Wenzhou, in which they seized Zhang Kai, his assistant Liu Peng and several Wenzhou pastors.

According to Zhang Kai’s employer, nobody has been informed of Zhang’s condition or whereabouts – not even his family. Zhang reportedly has been charged with endangering state security and assembling a crowd to disrupt social order, leading to an order being issued that could see Zhang spend six months in secretive detention. Grave concerns are held for his safety.

Source: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will sustain, protect and bless Zhang Kai, Liu Peng and all the human rights lawyers and pastors presently jailed and under threat in China.
  • Pray for all believers affected by this latest crackdown; ask the Lord to encourage them in their walk with Him and to not give up meeting together.
  • Ask the Lord to take this evil and turn it to good; may the Lord open eyes and hearts so that more Chinese people might find wisdom, goodness and truth in Jesus Christ.

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