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Recently, as a Guiyang City house church held a memorial service for an elderly Christian at a local funeral home, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials raided the venue, and forcibly confiscated religious memorabilia.

CCP authorities removed the tablecloth imprinted with the symbol of a cross, and signs which stated, “God loves people” and “Rest in peace”. Officials also banned praying, singing hymns, and reading the Scriptures during the service.

Source: ChinaAid

The next day, CCP personnel monitored the funeral home’s entrance, prohibiting Christians from bringing musical instruments into the funeral home. Officials threatened members of the band,

“You are responsible for the results if you bring any musical instruments in….”

In Guiyang over the last few years, CCP officials have demolished house churches, raided Sunday worship services, as well as homes of pastors, elders, and Christians – arresting many who profess faith in Jesus. This raid, however, the first case where authorities forcibly raided a memorial service venue, indicates the CCP’s escalating suppression of Christianity and house churches.

While intensely cracking down on Christianity, CCP authorities approve local customs and practise of Buddhism and Daoism, which include clanging gongs and beating drums, as well as burning incense, and kowtowing.

Let us pray.

  • Pray for the loved ones affected by the memorial service raid. Ask the Lord to comfort them.
  • Praise God that the efforts of the authorities cannot stop the spread of Christianity and that the church continues to grow.
  • Pray the government’s opposition will further unite the church in China and make believers all the more determined to stand firm.