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Mr Chang Yuchun and Mrs Li Chenhui are a Christian couple from Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. On 16 November, the Municipal Intermediate Court gave each of them a seven-year sentence and a large fine for printing Christian books.

The couple established their printing business, Guang Yi Ai Sheng Printing, in 2015. They printed and sold many Christian books, drawing the attention of regional law enforcement.

On 21 July 2020, Xi’an Municipal Culture Law Enforcement department and Xi’an Municipal National Security Department jointly shut down the couple’s company and confiscated over 210,000 books. During an earlier inspection of the couple’s warehouse, the department had identified 24 Christian books as illegal publications.

The day after this confiscation, the police placed the couple under house arrest on suspicion of “subversion of state power.” Later, on 12 October, they were criminally detained on suspicion of “illegal business operations.” The court gave Chang Yuchun and Li Chenhui a heavy sentence of seven years in separate detention centres, and a fine of ¥250,000 ($52,175) each.

The couple appealed the sentence and fine, but their appeal was rejected by the court. The couple has four children aged 4, 8, 14, and 22. Now, the children live with Li’s 73-year-old father and 70-year-old mother.

The total fine of ¥500,000 ($104,350) brought a heavy financial burden to their family. The couple’s car and house were forcibly auctioned by the court, so they will have no place to live when their sentence ends on 1 September 2027.

Source: ChinaAid

Please Pray

  • Pray for courage and peace over Chang and Li as they serve their sentence separated from one another.
  • Pray for opportunities for them to share their hope in Christ with other prisoners.
  • Pray for the protection and provision of their four children, who are living with Li’s elderly parents.