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In the morning of 12 June, around 200 officials from various government departments arrived at the Sunzhuang Church with cranes and heavy-duty machinery.

Personnel from the Zhengzhou High-Tech District Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau forced their way into the church and took control of the Christians gathered there. They did not show any legal documents.

Some of the church’s property, including chairs, were tossed outside. At least one Christian woman resisted, and she lost consciousness and had to be taken to the hospital after being pushed to the ground. Another Christian was hospitalised after officials beat her. One male church attendee was taken into custody.

The church was then demolished.

Sunzhuang Church joined China’s network of government-run churches in the early 1990s. In June 2013, the Sunzhuang Village Committee issued a demolition notice to Sunzhuang Church, stating Christians failed to completely follow the procedures for building a church. In response, the church presented authorities with a certificate showing they had obtained prior government approval. At that time, the government sent out a group of people to demolish the church and cut off its electricity and water supply. However, Christians protected the church, and the officials were unable to proceed.

Source: China Aid

  • Ask the Lord to help the church members to overcome the shock and disappointment over this development. Pray those who were injured or detained will be restored.
  • Pray the Lord will enable the church leaders to minister to their members and continue to bring teaching, guidance and fellowship.
  • Pray the believers will continue to be strong in faith and not lose heart over the increased opposition. Ask God to bring good from the church’s suffering.

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