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A small house church in China’s southern Guangdong province was raided in the middle of a service last Sunday, detaining church pastor Huang Xiaoning and three other attendees.

Huang was in the middle of a sermon when officials from the local police station and neighbourhood committee broke into Bible Reformed Church, located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and demanded that he halt the gathering. In reply, Huang said that they had not violated any laws.

The authorities recorded the church members, took pictures of them, and then detained Huang, a Christian named Wang Chuanjun, and two others working in the church’s kitchen. Once in custody, they faced hours-long interrogation before being released that night.

According to a Christian woman surnamed Li, the church has been harassed many times before.

Other Guangzhou Christians reported that many churches have been ordered to either cancel their services or move out of their buildings, but since the city has many churches and Christians, police choose not to use violent measures and instead target the smaller churches.

Source: China Aid

  • Pray the Lord will provide a boldness to these Chinese believers, as they face harassment and opposition.
  • Ask the Lord to give them a resolve to continue to meet despite the risk. Pray especially for the leaders of the church, ask for wisdom for them.
  • Pray the Lord will use the witness of Christians in this community and throughout China to reveal the Gospel to many in authority.