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Christians in China ask for prayer as the government continues to further restrict Christian activity.

In February, churches were ordered to report their religious activities to authorities. In March, the Communist Party disbanded its Religious Affairs Bureau and the Communist Party’s Central Committee absorbed the duty of managing religious life in China. In April, the government banned the online sale of Bibles — a setback in a country where printed Bibles were already difficult for many to obtain.

President Xi Jinping continues to increase his control over religious life and promote Chinese nationalism. The Communist Party may also be working on a new Bible translation, meant to inject Chinese values into Scriptures.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for Christians in China, that they will be willing to stand firm under the increasing pressure.
  • Pray for those involved in Bible distribution work. May the word of God bring strength and encouragement to believers.
  • Ask the Lord to be at work in the hearts and minds of President Xi Jinping and members of the Communist Party.