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Li Shuangping, pastor of Linfen house church, was abducted, beaten and threatened by government agents on the night of 13 August.

While Li was driving to his home in Shanxi province, a man who appeared to be drunk staggered in front of his vehicle, at which point Li stopped. A black sedan pulled up alongside Li, and three men hurried out.

The men forcibly seized Li from his vehicle, with help from the man who pretended to be drunk, and dragged him into the sedan. As one man drove, the other three restrained and harassed him in the backseat. After blindfolding him and tying him with a rope, they beat him for the duration of the journey, inflicting noticeable wounds on his head, neck and torso. The driver strayed from the main roads until reaching a cornfield, where the other men pushed Li out of the sedan.

Throughout the journey, one man repeatedly threatened to kill Li for his involvement in the house church. The threats ranged from being tossed in the river to being forced to drink sulphuric acid. The man also threatened to track down and kidnap Li’s family. The abducted pastor believes that the assailants work for the local government which has previously targeted him for his involvement with Linfen church.

Sources: ChinaAid, Christian Solidarity Worldwide

• Ask the Lord to provide protection for Pastor Li, his family and his congregation, keeping them at peace and free from the spirit of fear.
• Also pray that the members of the Linfen house church will continue to gather together in fellowship to the glory of God, reaching multitudes more in China with the Gospel, including Li’s abductors.