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Chinese Pastor Huang Yizi has been released after being detained in black jail since 12 September 2015.

Black jail is a system used in China of placing individuals under 24-hour residential surveillance in undisclosed locations.

Pastor Huang Yizi was accused of “stealing, spying on, buying or illegally providing state secrets for institutions and people outside the country.” During his detention, authorities did not allow him to meet with lawyers or speak with his family.

Source: China Aid

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for Pastor Huang’s release. Pray that as he returns to normal, he will be able to continue his ministry and that he will be encouraged in it rather than disheartened by obstacles he has faced.
  • Pray for other Christians still held by Chinese authorities; pray they will remain steadfast in faith and will grow closer to God through their trial. Pray also for their families.
  • Pray that the government’s unrelenting pressure on churches and their leaders will not weary Chinese believers but will cause them to trust entirely in the Lord.

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