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Earlier this year, we posted the story of Pastor Yang Hua who was arrested and detained since December 2015, then in January 2017, sentenced to prison under the charge of “illegally possessing state secrets” for two years and six months.

Since then, Pastor Yang Hua has become critically ill with inflammation of the blood vessels. His legs are swollen and badly ulcerated, and without adequate treatment he may need a double amputation. He is at risk of developing sepsis and other serious complications.

Pastor Yang Hua described his condition:

“On March 17, 2017, ulcers began to appear on my legs. I reported it to the detention centre, but the staff said they had seen this many times before, and that it was nothing more than impetigo [a bacterial skin infection]. On March 18 the resident doctor gave me some medication.

By March 19, after the festering had spread, I again requested that the detention centre provide proper treatment, such as injections or an IV.

On March 20 and 21, the physician on duty put me on an IV drip. The burning pain was so much at this point, however, that I couldn’t sleep for several nights.

From around 3.30 to 4 am on the 22nd, the agony was truly unbearable. I rang the alarm to report to the cadres on duty. Officer Luo, on watch that night, was furious at being disturbed and screamed some truly awful obscenities at me. No one else in the cell was able to sleep, so in the end the physician on duty gave me two painkillers. I haven’t been able to walk or go to the toilet by myself during this period.

On the morning of March 22, the detention centre brought me to the department of dermatology at the Guiyang Sixth Municipal Hospital for a physical inspection. The doctor diagnosed me with a form of allergic vasculitis [an inflammation of the blood vessels], and said that if no treatment could be found one outcome might be high-level amputation [above the knee]. He recommended high doses of penicillin for a fortnight. The detention centre clinic, however, does not have penicillin.

At 2.30 pm on March 22, the detention centre gave me a blood test for HIV/AIDS.

On March 23, I was again brought to a hospital designated by the authorities, this time the No. 368 People’s Armed Police Hospital, for a physical inspection. Five physicians were involved but couldn’t come to a final diagnosis. They did, however, recommend that I be taken to a regular hospital for treatment. They also indicated that the cost of treatment might be extremely high. “That day I submitted a written request for hospital treatment, asking the detention centre authorities to quickly arrange it.

On the morning of March 24, I was brought to the Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital to have a blood and urine test. Though they had the results that morning, the guards refused to inform me of them except to say that the HIV/AIDS test had come back negative.”

Pastor Yang’s wife, Wang Hongwu has not seen her husband since he was detained back in December 2015. On March 24, she accompanied the lawyer and finally saw her husband. Allowed only two minutes to speak to each other, she was then asked by the police to accompany them to the No. 368 People’s Armed Police Hospital where she had the opportunity to speak with the chief doctor about her husband’s condition.

It was after this, Wang wrote a letter to fellow parishioners for prayer:

The provincial hospital diagnosed it as anaphylactoid purpura [blood vessel inflammation]. I saw that both of Yang Hua’s legs were covered in rashes and spots of necrosis. Around the shins on both legs, in particular, there’s a large area of necrosis and seeping wounds. The feet are swollen up to the ankles. The doctor said they’d use large doses of hormones and anti-inflammatory drugs to treat it. Because the illness came on so ferociously and rapidly – around a week – the hospital gave me a notice of severe illness and told me that Yang Hua might develop a range of other symptoms, including septicemia, hemorrhaging of the digestive tract, kidney damage, and more.”

Source: Church in Chains, Ireland.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for Pastor Yang’s health and healing, and that the Lord will give him courage during this time of suffering.
  • Pray for his wife, Wang Hongwu and his family, and for the Lord to walk with them during this difficult time.