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“Would you stand up in your church and teach about persecution?”

Pastor Wang answered, “Yes I would! As a matter of fact I have done it a lot recently because of the new regulations. I have spoken to both leaders and believers. Persecution is our reality. The persecution reinforces the importance of having good solid teaching and resources for the churches.”

Pastor Wang remembers when he was only seven years of age, his whole family became Christians. “I had the privilege to be blessed that our house was the church. My family hosted the church, so I grew up in the environment of blessing.”

After his graduation from Bible college Pastor Wang was sent to north-east China and became a pastor of a church for a two-year period. He was surprised when the elders at his home-town church contacted him requesting he come back and teach them God’s Word.

Sharing the Gospel with factory workers

Pastor Wang had an idea to start a ministry of sharing the Gospel to factory workers but to do this meant Pastor Wang and his students would need to be employed by the factory. Initially the church leaders were uncertain if this was the right move for Pastor Wang, however after much prayer, they gave their approval and released him to do this work.

For three years Pastor Wang worked in the factory with his team of students and many factory workers became believers in Christ. The factory work was hard and despite the 12 hour a day shifts, Pastor Wang and his team were always ready to share the Gospel with their co-workers and bosses.

Some of the older church members did not quite understand the method Pastor Wang was using however he reassured them saying, “We are not there to make money but there to save souls.” And that is exactly what happened. With his wife Lei at his side, Pastor Wang established a new church in the factory area and the congregation was made up of factory workers he was committed to save.

How will the new regulations impact on his ministry?

The new regulations will certainly impact not only Pastor Wang’s ministry but the church in China as a whole.

He believes larger gatherings will no longer be permitted, resulting in the church being forced to separate and form smaller groups.

“We will be needing more co-workers because when big groups are broken into small groups there won’t be enough leaders to look after them. I want to equip leaders to be strengthened in their faith and believe we can get more co-workers to cope with the breaking up of the larger groups. I firmly believe there will be more persecution. It will not only happen to me, but other co-workers will also have to face it. I am not afraid. There is a lot of talk among leaders about the new regulations and they remember how 10 years ago when there was persecution placed on Christians in general. But I believe that we can work through this and we will survive again.”

Pastor Wang summarises: “Most of the churches are sleeping and they are not preaching the Gospel or even have a passion to serve. They are feeling very comfortable so I believe that the persecution that will arise will wake them up!”

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