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China Aid founder Bob Fu told Congress last month that China is working with its state sanctioned Christian church networks — the Three Self Patriotic Movement and the Chinese Christian Council — to rewrite the Bible as part of its five-year plan to make Christianity more compatible with socialism.

Voice of the Martyrs has received written proof that China is indeed planning to rewrite the Bible. Our contact in China reports that a Seminar was held in Shandong Theology Research Centre, asking state-sanctioned pastors and scholars to research Bible text with the overall aim of producing a new Chinese Bible.

Documents given to seminar attendees, have been translated for us and include the following statements:

Today’s Bible was not recognized as authoritative scripture from the very beginning of Christianity but hundreds of years later. Scriptures were selected/translated by early Church Fathers and adapted to the fourth century’s society. Even Catholic and Protestant churches have different selections/translations of the books of the Bible.

Jesus was born in a Jewish country, so he used the Torah as theory, but if Jesus had been born in Ancient China he would have used Confucius or Taoism books. Therefore, as Chinese people, we cannot forget our ancestors’ splendid philosophy and theories. It is necessary to add the Chinese Traditional theories into the new Chinese Bible.

The new Chinese Bible should include Chinese cultural expression and vocabulary.

The doctrines of what Christians believe should be changed in this new age of great China, to adapt to today’s needs and views.

Christians should preach a Gospel that is immersed in Chinese traditional culture.

Christians should not only practice Bible reading and prayer, they should also undertake activities such as political study, outdoor exercise, painting and dancing.

Biblical truth should be taught in the context of Chinese Culture.

New commentary should be combined with China’s Political Party theory in concordance with core socialist values.

New commentary should eliminate and remove the feudalistic superstition in the Bible and adapt rational science.

Sources: China Aid, Voice of the Martyrs