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Pastor Wang Yi is a Christian human-rights lawyer and a founding pastor of the Early Rain Covenant Church. He has been vocal in calling on the state to uphold religious freedom.

Pastor Wang has been in custody since December 2018, when officials seized around 100 members of his church, including Jiang, Pastor Wang’s wife. Most, including Jiang were subsequently released.

In December 2019, Pastor Wang was sentenced to nine years in prison for “inciting to subvert state power” and “illegal business operations”. The charges for business operations relate to the printing and distribution of Christian books by the church.

Currently Jiang, Pastor Wang’s wife, has no freedom of movement. Authorities have barred her from interacting with her family, friends and fellow church members. She is monitored every hour of every day by security agents.

Joshua, their son is forced to daily ride in a police car and go to a Chinese Communist Party public school for indoctrination.

The church property is now occupied by the Neighbourhood Committee office and is rented out to other businesses without permission from the church.

The treatment of Ps Wang’s family is believed to be the Chinese government’s revenge against Pastor Wang for not compromising his faith while in prison.

VOM Sources

  • Ask the Lord to strengthen the resolve of Pastor Wang Yi, Jiang and Joshua to love, serve and follow Him.
  • Ask God to use this time of trial to make the family and church members spiritually strong.
  • Praise God that His promises are always fulfilled, in spite of the designs of man. Pray the Lord will use Pastor Wang Li to bring a spiritual awakening to the prison.

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