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The police in Sichuan continue to harass the heavily persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) members.

ERCC preacher Wu Wuqing, who was detained on 1 April, now has the fire door outside his home (which connects to a lift and staircase) chained and watched by minders. According to ERCC, starting from 4 June, the police chained up the fire door to prevent preacher Wu and his family from leaving their home.

Source: International Christian Concern

While the minders initially allowed people to visit and bring them food, on 8 June, they started to block people from entering Wu’s home. Two groups of visitors were told that according to the new directive, anybody who intends to visit will not be allowed at Wu’s residence, not even children. The visitors could only pass food through the fire door.

Preacher Wu called the police, they came but took no action. After Mrs Wu told them about the Ten Commandments and the source of law, the police officers left. Mrs Wu told her church members,

“The door was locked by our Heavenly Father. When it is time, it will be opened. We will pray for them every day: may the Lord gain their souls.”

As the leader of ERCC, Wu is a frequent detainee at the local police office. The police in Chengdu intend to pressure him to move away from the city in order to diminish the house church. Please continue to keep ERCC in your prayers, as its members are often harassed, and its pastor and elder still incarcerated.

Let us pray.

  • Praise God for the remarkable faith of this couple. Pray they will continue to trust the Lord’s timing and purposes. Ask the Lord to fully supply the family’s needs as they wait on Him.
  • Pray along with Mrs Wu for the police officers who came to their home, and other local authorities, that they may find salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the leaders and member of ERCC, for wisdom, encouragement and renewed strength.