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Explosive growth has characterised the church for at least the past 30 years.

About 130 million Chinese are Christians, but only about 30 million are affiliated with the government-authorised Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) – the state church controlled by the communist government. The remaining worship in unapproved house churches. Despite continual pressure and oppression from the communist government, house church leaders refuse to compromise the Gospel and join government-approved churches.

Bible printing and sales are strictly controlled by the Chinese government.

Bibles in China are sold only through the Three-Self churches and Bibles and Christian resources cannot be purchased online. If any believers wish to purchase Bibles for themselves through the official church, they must first produce their identification and documentation, confirming they are official church members.

The underground church in China continues to grow so the demand for Bibles is considerable. Those living in rural areas have little access to Bibles and usually cannot afford them even when they are available.

Voice of the Martyrs is committed to supplying Bibles to believers in desperate need. Bibles are necessary for personal devotion, to strengthen believers and help them withstand persecution, for evangelism and church growth and to guard against heresy.