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The Chinese government continues to tighten its grip on Christianity by actively discouraging young people to engage in aspects of faith. Under the last year’s new Regulations on Religious Affairs legislation, school children are even encouraged to report any family members who espouse Christian views.

The new policy has created fierce rifts amongst families, as children are encouraged to question and undermine the religious beliefs of those closest to them. In addition, the youngsters are fully aware that, if they report members of their family, it could result in their arrest and prosecution.

Anti-Christian school textbooks are being used in addition to propaganda videos in which Jesus-followers are depicted as big scary monsters. Recently, after showing the video, a teacher warned that Christian relatives might “cast spells” on the youngsters.

One parent said that, following these actions, her son actively opposed her reading religious books in the family home. Another student was terrified that his mother was going to be led away by police.

Other students were advised to “supervise” their parents to ensure that they don’t partake in any religious activities.

Sources: Bitter Winter, CBN News

  • Ask God to give parents great wisdom to know how to best counteract the anti-Christian teaching.
  • Pray the parents will not lose heart but will continue to demonstrate to their children an unwavering commitment to Christ.
  • Pray the Lord will be at work in the hearts and minds of young people, to allow them to see through the propaganda and seek Him instead. Pray too for the teachers and others in positions of authority.

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