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Authorities in China’s Shandong province have banned online preaching and ordered the eradication of non-official churches.

Shandong’s two state-run Christian organisations, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and China Christian Council, released a statement on 23 February. In it, they claimed “supervision departments” ordered all online preaching cease and churches that gather in secret be eliminated.

In addition, it suggests officials should “guide” Christians “in other ways, with the caveat of not gathering together!”

The notice does not specify what these other ways include.

Source: ChinaAid

  • Pray the Chinese believers will not be discouraged. Pray they will take strength from the Lord and His Word.
  • Pray the church will continue to obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29) and not stop meeting nor sharing the Gospel with others.
  • Ask God to work in the hearts of the authorities in China. May He draw many to himself.

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