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Elder Li Yingqiang from Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in Sichuan was released on bail and sent back to his hometown in Hubei province.

Li has lost some weight but is overall healthy and remains in high spirits.

Together with elder Qin Derfu, Li was accused of “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble” and “running an illegal business” in a government crackdown against the house church last year.

For nearly eight months Li’s wife, Zhang Xinyue, heard no news about her husband.

The government further persecuted Li’s family by attempting to force Zhang to send their home-schooled eight-year-old daughter to public school or face arrest. While the authorities’ effort failed in the end, Li’s daughter was greatly traumatised by the experience.

In a message sent via social media, Zhang wrote, “Thank you my friends, family, brothers and sisters! Thank you for walking with my family through different means in the past eight months. May God greatly bless you. I love you all!”

While most of the detained ERCC members have been released on bail and sent back to their hometowns, Pastor Wang Yi, Qin Derfu, and Gou Zhongshan are still criminally detained on trumped up charges and deprived of the right to meet with their lawyers or family.

Sources: International Christian Concern, ChinaAid

  • Thank God for this recent development. Commit to the Lord the wellbeing of Li, Zhang and their daughter.
  • Pray for those who still are detained by the authorities. Ask God to sustain them, pray for their release.
  • Ask God to continue to strengthen the Chinese church, particularly church leaders who face the most severe opposition from the authorities.

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