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A leaked secret document has revealed the existence of a government body dedicated to church persecution in south-west China.

The document reportedly exposes a ‘state-run command-and-control centre’ operating at provincial level in Guizhou – or possibly at a higher level.

One of the churches in Guizhou that has suffered persecution is Huoshi Church in Guiyang city.

Three Huoshi members – Pastor Yang Hua, Wang Yao and Zhang Xiuhong – are in custody: Pastor Su Tianfu has been released on bail, awaiting trial; his family are under intense surveillance, as is Pastor Yang’s wife, Wang Hongwu. Pastor Yang has reportedly been tortured.

Huoshi (Living Stone), the largest house church in the city, has been banned from meeting as a body so has been forced to divide into small groups. Officials have been systematic in their efforts to identify church members; small groups have been evicted routinely from their premises.

Source: China Aid, Release International

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the release of all detained members of Huoshi Church; pray that all charges against them will be dropped.
  • Praise God that His church is growing in China, in spite of man’s efforts to stop the spread of the Gospel.
  • Ask God to raise up people to disciple new Christians in China and to strengthen the church.

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