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Chinese street evangelist Chen Wensheng from Hunan province has been detained and released again by the authorities for his ongoing efforts to share the Gospel.

This time, he was even sent to a drug rehabilitation centre for eight days as punishment.

Chen, who was arrested on 5 March Yunnan province and released the next day, immediately returned to his outreach activities after he reached his city Hengyang.

On 7 March, although local authorities summoned him for his activities, he shared the Gospel with them in response. A party secretary said to Chen after being given a Gospel pamphlet from him, “I am a Communist Party member, I am not learning [about your faith.]” To which Chen responded, “Ms Secretary, Jesus loves you, God bless you!” He also blessed other police officers in the room.

On 9 March, he travelled to Anhua County with a travel agency on a bus. He did not miss this opportunity to share about Jesus with his fellow passengers.

The next day, similar to what happened to him in Yunnan, Hengyang’s authorities went out of their jurisdiction to arrest Chen. At the police office, Chen also seized the opportunity to share the Gospel with the police officers and offered to lead them in prayer. While some rejected him, some thanked him, and an officer repeated his prayer,

“Lord Jesus, save me, forgive me, in Jesus’ name, Amen!”

On 11 March, Chen was brought to Hengyang’s Qingshan police office. The public only knew about his latest detention on 26 March, since his family did not receive any notice this time. He was first placed under administrative detention for seven days before he was sent to a drug rehab centre for eight days. Despite the loss of freedom, he gave praise to God that he was able to share the Gospel with people everywhere he was.

He reportedly quoted imprisoned pastor, Wang Yi after his release, “If I had 65g of gold, I could have sent it to the persecutors, thanking them for granting me an imperishable gold crown; thanking them for spending their whole life to send God’s children to the cross.”

He also asked for prayers for those he came into contact with and heard the Good News.

Sources: International Christian Concern, ChinaAid

Let us pray.

  • Praise God for Chen’s remarkable witness
  • Join him in committing to the Lord all those with whom he has recently shared the Gospel. Pray the words of eternal life will land on fertile soil and will bear much fruit.
  • Pray people across China and the world may be encouraged and emboldened by Chen’s example.