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A street preacher from Hengyang City, Hunan province, who has been repeatedly detained for his evangelism, was arrested by Hunan’s police as he was sharing the Gospel with an ethnic minority group in Yunnan province.

Chen Wensheng is known for his passion to share the Good News with anyone he encounters. Despite being repeatedly detained, harassed, and threatened, he continues to travel around China so people can hear about God’s love.

At the end of February, Chen embarked on a trip to Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan province to conduct his outreach to De’ang ethnic minority group. There are roughly 6,000 De’ang people living in the western part of Yunnan province. Most of them are still under the Buddhist influence and animism. There is no known Christian among the De’ang in China.

On 5 March, Chen shared a message on his social media account early in the morning, asking people to participate in the ministry to China’s ethnic minority groups. He said, “The Lord teaches us clearly in the Bible that the Gospel needs to be preached to all creation. The Chinese official account is that there are only 56 ethnicities in China, yet according to scholars, there are more than 500 ethnic groups, mostly belonging to the ‘unreached people groups’; may God help us win their souls in this new year!” He then headed out and put out signs with Gospel messages on the side of a road, before handing out masks with a Christian message and talking with two pedestrians about Jesus. One woman learned how to pray with him.

At 10:49am, Chen sent a message to say that the police found him again. They went through his backpack and took pictures of his Gospel pamphlets. At 11:02am, his last message indicated that the police from Hunan have reached him as well. That was the last message before he was taken away by the police.

Chen was detained six times last year alone. The local authorities threatened his wife, telling her that if he does not stop his activities, his daughter-in-law could lose her job at her school, whereas his granddaughter will be banned from becoming a civil servant or teacher in the future.

Yet, Chen continues to bear witness for the Lord. He even brought his 84-year-old mother along during his outreach last month. He once shared that he used to be a gangster who did many evil deeds. He also was a drug addict who would hack anyone deemed impolite to him. But after he became a Christ-follower, he has learned to be gentle, patient, and meticulous. He is no longer the same.

Sources: International Christian Concern, China Aid

Let us pray.

  • Praise God for Chen’s dedicated ministry service and his heart of compassion towards those who do not know Christ. Ask the Lord to be at work in the hearts and minds of the De’ang people.
  • Pray Chen will soon be released and that in the meantime, the Lord will use him to spiritually bless those who have detained him.
  • Pray for Chen’s protection as he goes about this important ministry. Pray too for his family.