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The Weifang City Anti-Evil Religious Association Office has granted 10 subdistricts and 12 villages within the city the honorary titles of “Role Model Towns/Communities of Science, Care, and Harmony” for their efforts in cracking down on religions.

The Weifang municipal government applauds the work of the subdistricts and villages in preventing and resisting “evil” religions. It encourages the areas to continue “the fight against evil religious organisations, and make a critical contribution to building a modern, high-quality, ecological, open, vibrant, and delicate city.”

The Weifang government equates the persecution of religions as a means to promoting justice and eliminating evil. It alleges that these areas serve as role models for the entire city on how to restrict religions.

The announcement aligns with the growing rates of religious persecution in China since the revised Regulations on Religious Affairs went into effect on 1 February 2018. The Chinese Communist Party has been targeting people of conscience under the process of ‘sinicising’ religion or forcing faiths to align with the ideals of the Communist Party. Since the Chinese government wrongly believes religions are an attempt by foreign powers to infiltrate China, they often restrict religious practice and expression.

Source: ChinaAid

  • Thank the Lord for the remarkable growth of the church in China. Pray He will continue to embolden believers.
  • Ask God to provide spiritual encouragement to those believers who are facing ongoing opposition to the Gospel, particularly evangelists and church leaders.
  • Pray believers across China will not be fearful but will stand as a symbol of faith, strength and unity.

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