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ChinaAid’s Bob Fu granted restraining order and his bank accounts closed without explanation

Pastor Bob Fu, the founder of ChinaAid has been granted a restraining order from protestors who gathered outside his home last year, forcing the family to remain in protective custody for several months. The restraining order names Chinese billionaire Miles Kwok, also known as Guo Wengui – who Fu said paid protestors to stand outside his home from early October to January.

Source: Christian Post

The restraining order bans Wengui or anyone acting in concert with him, from picketing Fu’s home, approaching within 30 metres of the activist, his family, or his employees, and picketing within 15 metres of ChinaAid’s business location. Unless the court renews the order, it will expire on 1 June 2021.

In a new development, Bank of America (BOA) has shut down the accounts of Bob Fu and his entire family which they have held for 20 years.

BOA has refused to provide an explanation for these closures. Fu believes that the account closures are politically motivated and may have something to do with an address he delivered in Washington, D.C., on 15 December, relating to persecution in China.