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Most Turks are proudly Muslim and hold the faith as a core part of their nationalist identity, even if they aren’t devout. Christians are heavily persecuted by their families, neighbours and employers. Though freedom of religion is legally protected, the laws are not enforced. Christian refugees are often forced to live in small villages or urban slums. They endure hunger, persecution, and labour exploitation during the long wait for resettlement.

Amidst this opposition, Pastor Ibrahim organises children’s camps and creates publications to help the children of Turkey learn about Jesus using the Bible. The camps are called Kucak, meaning embrace.

Recently, two brothers, Ahmet and Mehmet came to one of the camps. They have been attending a church for 6-7 years, where they take part in weekly activities for children. Their parents are not believers and do not go to church. These boy’s parents are not educated and do not know how to relate to Ahmet and Mehmet. The brothers face verbal and physical abuse. The camp gave the boys an opportunity to learn more about the love of Jesus. Please pray for their spiritual, physical and emotional safety and health.

Havva and Can are siblings who also attended the camp. Their father is a believer, but their mother is not. The children were unsure about the Gospel when they arrived at camp but praise God, His love and grace opened their hearts and they came to trust in Him. After the camp was over their maternal uncle heard they had participated in a Christian camp and was very upset. May God give the family, especially the father, strength and wisdom. May the children’s faith in Christ take deep root.

Zeynep is the young daughter of a refugee family. At first, she cried at great deal and said she was ill. The camp organisers quickly learned she was not ill but starving for love and care. They also learned that she and her family are required to live in a container facility. During the camp, this young lady also trusted in Christ. Please pray for her and her family and their future. We do not know where they will be sent but we know the Lord will be with them.

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