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Linh, a committed Christian, and her husband travel five hours by motorcycle to take the Gospel to a village known as a “Communist hero village”, once home to several soldiers who died fighting against the United States in the Vietnam War. The villagers take great pride in the fallen heroes from their community and deeply treasure their communist way of life. Many of the villagers lived there during the war and remember those who died.

Arguing that Christianity is an American enemy of communism, authorities have repeatedly warned Linh that they will arrest her if she continues to preach the Gospel and bring Christianity to the village.

But Linh is unmoved in her determination to share God’s gracious gift of salvation. “If you want to arrest me, then arrest me,” she tells them. “I am doing nothing wrong.”

Linh varies the times and days of her visits, so authorities won’t know when to expect her. She does her best to avoid villagers who oppose her and report her to the authorities, but she remains kind and loving when confronted.

Linh’s father was a loyal Communist Party member and colonel in the Vietnamese military. But when he and Linh’s mother became followers of Jesus, the military kicked
him out.

“Through persecution my faith in the Lord has become stronger,” Linh said.

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