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Vietnam’s communist leaders have long considered Christianity to be a US propaganda tool. Foom was imprisoned for his faith and every day the guards demanded that he sign a document stating that Christianity is a false religion from the United States. But each time he refused to sign. After a month of failed attempts at persuading Foom to sign the document, the officers lost their patience. Grabbing his hand, they forced him to place his index finger on an ink pad and ‘sign’ the document denying Jesus, with his fingerprint as his signature.

Foom was then taken to a courtyard where police had gathered 400 Hmong Christians. They escorted their prisoner to the front of the crowd, lifted up the document and told the Christians that Pastor Foom had rejected the foreign religion of Christianity. The officers then ordered the crowd of Hmong believers to reject Jesus.

Knowing that most of the Christians spoke Hmong and that the police did not, Foom said, “I want to let you know I am not wrong. They forced me to give my fingerprint. Jesus is true, and I want to continue to be a Christian. It is up to you if you want to continue to believe in Jesus. For me, I won’t deny him.”

Seeing the Christians stand and clap for the pastor, the police realised Foom had not said what they had ordered him to say. They angrily rushed him away before beating him again, but they knew there was nothing else they could do with him. Foom was released from jail and ordered to never leave his village.

Since his release from jail, Foom has travelled outside his village numerous times to share the Gospel and he also oversees a network of nearly 70 churches in two provinces. While churches can operate freely and openly in many parts of Vietnam, most of the Hmong churches Foom visits must operate secretly as house churches.

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