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Persecuted Christians living in the district of Kandhamal, Odisha face the daily problem of not having access to clean water for drinking and cooking. Often, they must walk several kilometres a day and stand in line at small wells in Hindu villages. Because the local radical Hindus threaten and abuse the Christians, they often leave without filling their pots. Hindu villagers also ban the Christians from collecting ‘their’ water and the government does nothing to stop this mistreatment. Out of desperation, the Christians collect water wherever they can find it, even from ditches. They drink it, they cook with it and many suffer from diarrhea, malaria and other water-borne diseases.

VOM Australia responded to their need and has been providing funds to dig deep wells for these believers who will on completion, invite three to four nearby village residents to come and draw water. Wells dug by believers and shared with non-believers is a way of showing their neighbours the truth about Christ and that Christians are not their enemy.