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Each year, our Christmas Care project ensures many children in restricted nations receive a gift at Christmas. Children of persecuted families can be particularly vulnerable to discrimination, harassment and bullying. In restricted nations, persecution often brings poverty and hardship so parents of persecuted children are unable to provide gifts at this special time of year.


Each child will receive a children’s Bible or storybook, school supplies and other items, tailored to their specific country (which may include food, a toy, education costs, clothing and hygiene items). Contents are sourced locally and the packs are distributed by VOM frontline workers. Each pack costs around $30.

The packs are used to bless persecuted Christian children but our frontline workers, with a strong desire to also expand God’s kingdom, reserve a small number for outreach.

Last year we provided 3,665 CHRISTMAS CARE PACKS for children in Myanmar, Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Palestine. 

This year we hope to send Christmas Care packs to Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Myanmar, Egypt, and Vietnam, Philippines, Palestine, Cameroon and Nigeria. 

The packs, which are tailored to meet their specific needs, may include the following items:

  • a children’s Bible
  • school supplies
  • clothing
  • hygiene items
  • a toy
  • Christian literature
  • food 
  • education costs

Instead of worrying about finding the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas, consider giving them a present that will bring joy to children of the persecuted church. Let us know that your donation is a gift. We will send you a card that you can give to your loved one. The card contains a message letting them know that you have given them the opportunity to bless a child with a Christmas Care pack.


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