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Christmas Care

Christmas Care 2017

Christmas reminds us of the birth of Christ but also of the gift that God gave to mankind.

We too can participate in the true spirit of giving at this festive time by giving a gift to children who live in persecuted nations throughout the world.

It is a time when our giving can show the love we have for the younger members of the body of Christ … the children. It has been reported by our contacts throughout the world that many parents cannot afford a gift for their child on their birthday or even at Christmas.

We must never neglect the opportunity to consider providing for the children in these persecuted nations. Christmas Care has proven to be a great project to invest into the lives of children.

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Christmas Care 2016 for the Philippines was a great success. Children living in isolated regions across the island of Mindanao were delighted when they received Christmas Care backpacks filled with a Bible and gifts.

Many children of Christian families in the Philippines have lived through terrifying village raids and some have even lost parents through persecution for their faith. Christmas Care brought them much-needed love and encouragement, with each child receiving a Christmas card with a special message from our Australian supporters.

Christmas Care 2017 is destined to be a blessing to those who will receive the packs in China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Egypt, Philippines, Nigeria, India and Indonesia.

Every $25 pack contains a children’s Bible, assorted educational material, and goods which are relevant to the specific country in which the children live. A bag of rice may be included in the packs which can be given to the family but generally our focus is the children. We often put two gifts of the same kind into each pack and encourage our contacts to tell the children to share one gift with another child. It teaches them the principle of giving as they reach out to other children.

Will you join with us this Christmas?

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Christmas Care Testimony

In Indonesia, a young Muslim boy brought home a Christmas Care pack and with great excitement showed his mother. He began to read the comic book about the life of Jesus called He Lived Among Us. When his father came home and saw the Christian book in his hands he ripped it from him and threw it into the rubbish. The young boy was very sad. That night his father was troubled by what he had done and felt a voice urging him to retrieve the book he had thrown into the rubbish and to read it for himself. In the early hours of the morning he read about the love of God through Christ Jesus our Lord. Through this testimony they became Christians and the whole family were baptised.

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Funds received over our target will go to our Help for the Persecuted church fund

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