Christmas Care 2018

Help us bring joy to children of  the persecuted church in China.

China has always controlled sales of the Bible, allowing it to be printed and distributed only by state-sanctioned churches. In recent years, the emergence of online shopping created a loophole that made the Bible readily available to Chinese Christians.

In April the Chinese government, in line with its tougher regulations on religious affairs, banned the sale of the Bible, including the children’s Bible, at online stores across the country. It also banned sales from non-church bookstores, making the Bible much more difficult to obtain.

We have committed to bless 3000 Chinese Christian children with a Christmas Care pack, including a children’s Bible.

Will you help?

For only $30 you can give a child in China the gift of God’s Word in a school bag. The bag will also contain a pair of shoes, socks, a towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soup, notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser, ruler and an age appropriate toy .

Gifts of Joy
Instead of worrying about finding the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas, consider giving them a present that will bring joy to children of the persecuted church in China.

Let us know that your donation is a gift. We will send you a card that you can give to your loved one. The card contains a message letting them know that you have given them the opportunity to bless a child in China.