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“Being a Christian in Egypt today, is knowing how to endure many hardships because we are part of the minority, and the predominant Muslim culture is intolerant of those who do not follow the Muslim way.” ─ a Muslim background believer in Cairo.

Even the simple act of praying in a public place before having a meal must be done by disguising your prayers as if you are having a conversation. There is no bowing of heads and closing eyes for fear of being recognised as a Christian.

Despite this, I met many faithful and resilient believers who confess that the difficulties of being a Christian here, drive them closer to God as they rely on Him more and more.

I find Muslim background believers (MBB’s) proudly but cautiously confessing their faith and reaching the most radical unbelievers for Christ. They commit their lives to never seeing their families who disown them upon finding out they have denounced Islam. Sadly, some parts of the Christian community view them with scepticism for fear of being spies. They truly pay a very high price for accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

However, God is working and touching lives. The Christians I met are upbeat and positive about what God is doing in their lives as they grow in their faith. As they remain faithful, they experience the miracle working power of Jesus, which manifests itself in opportunities to share the Gospel with unbelievers.

A simple shower has a wall added to also serve as a place of baptism. Meeting for a coffee also serves as a time of witnessing. However, many still wear the Muslim covering for fear of being identified as Christian.

One thing that does stand out though, is the unmistakable strength of their faith and the miracle working power of Jesus as their lives are being transformed.

The time I spent with believers in Egypt allowed me to see their incredible faith to persevere despite the hardships they encounter.

As you read this edition of our newsletter, may I ask that you remember to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in Egypt.


Tony Benjamin
CEO Voice of the Martyrs Australia