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Amira, from Malaysia, was a devout Muslim praying and reciting verses from the Koran daily until she began searching for truth and had a radical conversion to Christ.

Amira studied at a Catholic school as a child but refused to take part in any of the traditions. She told her Catholic friends that she would never join them for church or prayer.

After high school, she started a successful business, married a Muslim man and had two children. During this time, a friend gave her a Koran to read and told her to recite verses so that her business would become successful.

This started a daily ritual for Amira.

“I woke daily at 3am and recited the same verse 70 times and the 99 names of Allah listed in the Koran,” she says.

One day when she was reading, she noticed the Koran called Jesus the ‘Spirit of God’, while Mohammed was referred to as a ‘messenger’ and she began to question this.

She consulted three of her most knowledgeable Muslim friends.

“I asked them, ‘Between the Spirit of the Lord and the messenger – who is stronger?’ and all three agreed that the Spirit is stronger.”

Examining this, she started searching and began dreaming of Jesus who would speak to her. In one dream He said, “I will send you a helper to walk with you – the Holy Spirit.”

She then asked a Catholic friend to give her a Bible and her friend challenged her to read it within three months.

“Instead, I read it from Old to New Testament in three weeks and accepted the Lord into my life,” she said.

She soon joined a church and began helping and serving where needed. This meant cooking for the congregation weekly until her husband wondered why and questioned her about it. She told him she had become a Christian.

Her husband became angry and framed her for ‘mishandling their business’, reporting this to the authorities. She was sent to prison for seven days. She cries as she recounts her time in prison but says that God carried her through this trial.

There were 33 Filipino immigrants in the prison with her and all of them were Christians so they often encouraged each other and would worship together every night.

Upon her release, a police officer gave her money and told her, “This is a seed because you will be a blessing to many people.” She cried upon receiving it and vowed to tell her entire family about Jesus.

When she returned home, she discovered that her husband had left her for another woman, her business had been taken from her and she was left a single mother with two children.

She is now slowly rebuilding her life and has started a new business – although only Christians will support her. She believes her business will flourish as she puts God first in her life.

It has been a difficult journey but even after recounting all she lost, she remains full of faith.

“It is worthwhile to believe in God. Even though I paid a price, Jesus still deserves all the glory. His faithfulness is forever.”

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