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The recent COVID-19 global pandemic has been a difficult time and has increased persecution against Christians in many countries around the world.

Recently in the Quang Ngai province of Vietnam a number of cases have been brought to our attention and we are praying we can meet the need. We need your partnership to reach out to our Christian brothers and sisters at this time.

Dinh had been practicing witchcraft before he and his family came to Christ. When they heard of their conversion, local authorities began demanding they renounce their faith, threatening to burn their Acacia field. When his family refused to deny Christ, authorities did as they said they would and burnt all their crops right before harvest time.

Vy recently fell ill but due to her faith has been unable to purchase health insurance. She was recently admitted to hospital and treated but was unable to pay the costs of her treatment. Local church members rallied together to cover the costs after she was discharged and even helped with the costs of her ongoing medication.

Tuan and his family (wife and four children) were trying to sell Cassava to earn money but local authorities stepped in and told them they would not be allowed to do so unless they renounced Christianity. As they had no money to buy food for their family, the husband, his wife, and their 12 year old child went picking cockles to cook. On the way home, they also found and picked wild mushrooms to cook dinner. Sadly those mushrooms were poisonous and the husband, wife and eldest child who ate them were all killed. The three youngest children remain and are in desperate need of care.

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, the government in Vietnam has a social aid program to help poor families, especially those living in highland and remote areas. Unfortunately, local authorities discriminated against the Christian families in need and used the benefits to threaten them instead. The families refused to renounce their faith but they are in financial need.

Outside of Vietnam, there are other countries in which emergency care is desperately needed. If you would like to give to our emergency ‘COVID-19 Relief’ project, please go to

Burkina Faso
The goal is to provide urgent food and help to 1,100 Evangelical Christian families. These families have already been displaced due to terrorist violence and persecution in the northern part of Burkina Faso in 2019 and 2020. They are now facing further difficulties due to Covid-19 related restrictions. This project will provide simple hand washing units, soap and food for the families.

Brunei and Malaysia
Due to the current restrictions in movement and gathering, many people have lost their jobs. In many instances, Christians were retrenched first, as priority was given to Muslim people. Our local contacts have received many requests for help from local believers and they have been supplying food essentials and soap. In addition, our contacts wish to provide non-believers with provisions to show the example of Christlike service in the hope that the witness will be an effective outreach.

Pakistan is particularly vulnerable because it has been going through an economic crisis for several years now. Christians in Pakistan, often come from some of the poorest communities, and are at increased risk at this time. There has been widespread discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities in accessing government aid. There is a desperate need for food, while Christians are not able to work due to the ongoing restrictions.

If you would like to give to our emergency ‘COVID-19 Relief’ project, please go to