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A lay evangelist was arrested in the central Cuban city of Camagüey in October after police heard him preaching in public.

Juan Bautista is well known to local authorities, who have repeatedly told him to stop his public evangelism and have claimed he has a mental illness. But Juan has faithfully continued to share the Gospel.

Police prevented Juan’s pastor from attending his trial, in which the judge fined Juan the equivalent of $880 dollars (the average monthly income in Cuba is about $45). Although authorities have twice in the past burned the church Juan attends, VOM’s field leader for Cuba said they cannot destroy the church because “the true temple is the congregation that remains today.”

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for Juan’s faithfulness in sharing the Gospel with others. Pray Juan will remain steadfast in his faith.
  • Pray this current trial may be used by God to further the Good News in Cuba.
  • Commit to the Lord Juan’s pastor and the church members; pray they will be encouraged by Juan’s witness.

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