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A young Christian man was recently jailed in an effort to hurt his pastoring family, whose role is integral to a new church plant which VOM sources describe as being a “powerful blessing” in the community.

Gabriel Jeyva, 19, was serving his mandatory military service when he was accused of forming a cartel against the Cuban government. When Gabriel’s father went to the prison to visit his son, the guards refused to let them speak to one another. “We know this is a form of persecution from the government to hurt this young man because he is the son of a pastor,” a VOM contact reports.

Communist rule in Cuba continues to impose restrictions on religious activity. Christian leaders are reluctant to say anything that could be construed as opposing the government in fear that they will then face repercussions. Evangelical believers, in particular, have reported harassment, fines and arrests for conducting public gatherings.

Source: VOM USA

 Prayer Points

  • Ask the Lord to strengthen Gabriel’s faith during this time of great trial. Also pray for his loved ones as they endeavour to secure his release. May the false allegations quickly be dropped so that he may be free to return home.
  • Pray he will be granted opportunities to share the Gospel with fellow inmates and prison guards who do not yet know Jesus.
  • Pray that God will bless the Jeyva family and their ministry efforts so that their church plant may draw many in their community into a lasting and meaningful relationship with our Lord.