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North Korea is run by a dictatorship founded by Kim Il Sung. Their philosophy is a distortion of Christianity. Therefore it is vital that we get Bibles and Christian literature into this country to reveal who the true God is and to encourage the Christians who live there.

Did you know?
North Koreans gather for weekly meetings where they sing songs of praise to Kim Il Sung.

North Koreans read from the writings of Kim Il Sung. One section is called The 10 Principles of Kim Il Sung, and the first principle is that you shall have no greater loyalty then what you have to Kim Il Sung.

North Koreans are to pray to the Kim family by looking at their portrait hanging in their house at the start of every meal.

We have an opportunity today to send a Bible to North Korea. The Bible has the potential to change someone’s life and their family.

We send the Bibles from South Korea in hydrogen-filled weather balloons. The balloons are packed by North Korean defectors who are studying at our underground Bible college. Read more here

 What is the Challenge?

It only costs $7 to send a Bible into North Korea, including the cost of the balloon and hydrogen!
Our aim is to send 3,600 Bibles into North Korea. For example; you could sacrifice two coffees this week or decide not to buy that takeaway but choose to spend that $7 on a Bible for North Korea.  Let’s all take up the challenge so we can send 3,600 Bibles into North Korea!

The challenge is simple: Help us send a Bible to North Korea and challenge your friends to do the same.

Will you dare?

Take the Challenge