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It wasn’t long after the 2018 Surabaya church bombings happened, I began to become more and more aware about the incredibly oppressive treatments so many of our family endure for the name of Jesus.

Becoming more and more convicted from the Scriptures to ‘bear one another’s burdens – fulfilling the law of Christ’, we extended an invite to a VOM representative to share on the background and missions-vision with our Bible Connect group, and later at our church. It was eye opening to learn why the saints are heavily persecuted is primarily for boldly and lovingly witnessing the Gospel of Jesus to family and neighbors. I realized that even though I didn’t have much money to contribute (at the time), I could still edify my persecuted brothers and fulfill the law of Christ by asking Jesus for boldness to share His Gospel, while also praying for our faith to be strengthened as trials present.

VOM’s Bible and discipleship missions for the persecuted church is still closest to my heart, as the challenge and inspiration to have our faith refined and purified by fire is as real today, as it was for the early believers.