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The final bricks are being laid for the Dorcas Centre, a boarding house and training facility for Christian widows who have lost their husbands and homes through persecution. Find out how your generous support will help impact hundreds of Christian sisters in India.

The Dorcas Centre Story

In Acts 9, a disciple named Dorcas serves her church and community by mending clothing and performing other acts of kindness.

In India, Christian widows will soon have the opportunity to bless their communities in a similar way, using sewing machines and training provided by Voice of the Martyrs Australia. Many of the women who will benefit from the project are a ‘Dorcas’ in their Christian community. Their stories of survival are incredible and their faith in God is still strong despite persecution and severe hardship.

The vision for the Dorcas Centre was born as we researched ways to provide a long-term, sustainable solution to help meet the needs of the Christian families in Odisha where believers are often denied jobs. As a result, many families have difficulty supporting themselves, especially those with only one income.

The centre will have a boarding house for 12 women and their children, providing them with a home where they can be discipled while they complete a tailoring training program. The boarding house will be furnished and supervised by full-time Christian staff who are equipped to provide first aid and biblical counselling.

The Dorcas Sewing School: Empowering Women through Work

The sewing school at the centre will be able to train up to 40 women at a time. When they graduate, each woman will receive a sewing machine and assistance in establishing a small business.

The women will be able to work together to meet the strong demand for affordable quality clothing in the area and share profits from sales at local markets. In addition, owning a small business gives these women flexibility to adjust their work schedule so they can meet with others for counselling and sharing the Gospel.

“It will help us to earn money and to bless other church members. I sewed a dress for myself and it cost $5, but if I wanted to buy a dress like this, it would be more than $35! Some of our sisters are waiting for me to sew them dresses too. Thank you − it’s a real blessing for our church!” said one Christian woman who received a sewing machine through Voice of the Martyrs USA.

When construction is completed, there will be a dedication service to commit the facility to the Lord for His glory and the blessing of His church. We are extremely thankful to God for providing the Dorcas Centre through the gifts of Voice of the Martyrs Australia supporters. Together, the boarding house and sewing school has the potential to impact hundreds of Christian sisters in India!

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